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The Original Pizzas made famous in Grand Haven, MI over 70 years ago:

The Legendary Fricano's EBA Everything But Anchovies, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushroom & Green Pepper Pizza Pie
A Fricano's Everything But..... Easily the most popularly requested pizza. We have baked thousands of pizzas every week for over 60 years and 80% of them have been this pizza. That is why many customers think that this is the only pizza we make!
The Famous Fricano's Pepperoni Pizza Pie>
Many faithful customers believe that this is the greatest pepperoni they have ever had. It is a top quality, custom special pepperoni made for Fricano's only. A-1 and pleasantly zesty.

The incredible Fricano's pizza has stood the test of time. Our pizzas, including the EBA Everything but Anchovies Pizza are completely unchanged for over 60 years. The Legendary Fricano's Everything But Anchovies (Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushroom & Green Pepper) or better known to many as the "EBA" is our standard pizza. Customers of over 40 years still think that it's the only style we make because it is such a popular request. But there are other options. Any combination of the five toppings will result in just a little variation from the other but always the unique and delicious Fricano's pizza taste. The ingredients in a Fricano's Pizza are real and no different than in 1949. There are no artificial or processed ingredients, MSG, artificial flavors, fake sugars, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Take a close look at the EBA picture, you have our word that this is real food. From the very beginning Gus Fricano knew that quality ingredients in the right proportions made specifically to the recipe had everything to do with the success of the pizza product. Fricano's Pizza is the best, most wholesome quality ingredients that money can buy. From the flour to the Wisconsin made blend of cheese to the tomato paste to the fresh ground pork and the top quality custom special pepperoni made for Fricano's only. That is why Fricano's is so different. 

Fricanos Crust Side Picture Pepperoni Pizza Pie
In this picture you can see the thickness of the crust, especially left of the middle. The flaky thin crust is browned on the bottom and on top is merged with the sauce where it meets the cheese and oils. The texture is crispy, browned, firm, never soggy and easy to chew. Although very thin, the crust is strong enough to hold its weight without bending when a slice is picked up.

Zoom Fricanos Cheese Pizza Pie
A zoomed close-up view of a cheese only pizza. The bird seed can be seen as green specks.

An amazing, zoomed in picture of a Pepperoni, Sausage, Extra Sauce pizza pie.

Can you imagine a pizza so good that people who have eaten it have enjoyed it so much that they can’t stand to be without it? When the craving hits, and believe that it will, you will go to great lengths to be able to enjoy a Fricano's Pizza just one more time.

Fricanos Pepperoni Pizza
Take a close look at the crust and cheese, The founder Gus Fricano said "The crispy burnt edges made me famous."

 Two New Toppings :

Back in the old country of Sicily banana peppers and ham (prosciutto) are as common as, well more common actually than pepperoni or Italian sausage. You would get a pizza pie in Palermo with the ham or roasted peppers on it before you would find any other real type of meat topping. Its for that very reason after 5 years of deep soul searching and contemplation, Fricano’s Pizza, Alpine, is now offering those very 2 toppings, fresh yellow banana peppers, and smoked cured ham as an additional topping to the ever present Original 12” Fricano’s Thin Crust Pizza Pie. My father told me years ago and it had to be for this very reason, “you can always improve on a good thing.” Yes Dad you can and the flavor of the yellow peppers on an Everything But Anchovy pizza is unbelievable. It does not change the taste or chemistry of the famous Fricano’s flavor, only enhances it to a whole new level. And the ham gives a meat lover just one more topping to bake into the famous cheese combination that Fricano’s has become so famous for. It too is remarkable. This is huge news for our Pizza Parlor, we just don’t do things on a whim. But these additions are for real and is a great new combination for the already perfect flavor of the Original and Most Famous Pizza Pie in Michigan. Please next time you are in see what you think. Buon Appitito, mia paesanos.